Dream gigs

These are series that inspire me. I endeavour to create content at this level.

60 Second Docs - Amazing stories told in a minute.

I love the kookiness of a lot of these stories. 100% instantly shareable. I'm generally allergic to text-on-screen but I really dig the formatting/text on screen throughout the entire series.


Red Bull 100 Raw - If you need proof that constraints make you more creative!

I love the concept: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. Filmmakers can't rely on music to carry the story or slom-motion to carry attention. It's great to see some video muscle flexed without them!


You Can’t Ask That -  Perfect interview-based story telling.

Groups of misunderstood, judged and marginalised Australians are asked the awkward, inappropriate and uncomfortable questions you've always secretly desired to know the answer to! The editing in this show is phenomenal. It's so cliché but literally every episode - I laugh and I cry. This show changes the way I think about life. I'm so jealous I didn't make this show - I'm full of envy and respect for its creators.

Redesign My Brain - A delicious combo of Science, Self help & Cinematography

I rate both of Todd Sampson's human guinea pig TV show's - Redesign my Brain & BodyHack. I love the host-centric style of the series, super well shot and very tidy on the post-production GFX side of things. Todd makes himself the lab-rat and keeps it real, offering actionable take-aways for us as the audience. Love this stuff!